Special SesSions


"Bilevel programming, equilibrium problems and application" by Benedetti, I.; Giuli, M.; Milasi, M.; Riccardi R.

"Agent-based models and social interactions" by Leitner, S.; Pellizzari, P.; Wall, F.

"Intelligent Methods in Economics, Finance and Insurance" by Andria, J.; Corazza, M.; Di Tollo, G.

"Decision Theory, Bounded Rationality, and Preference Modeling" by Giarlotta, A.; Petralia, A.

"Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding" by Brunelli M.; Cavallo, B.; Corrente, S.

"Climate risk models and sustainability in finance" by Giansante, S.; Flori, A.

"ESG risk and portfolio management" by Giacometti, R.; Torri, G.; Cesarone, F.

"Networks, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence in Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences" by Lillo, F.; Tumminello, M.; Mazzarisi, P.

"GAMES: Theory and Applications" by Ferrara M.; Buratto, A.

"Advances on Artificial Intelligence, Dynamics, Optimization and Variational Analysis" (stream) by Ferrara, M.; Barbagallo, A.; Pansera, B.A.

"Data Science, Complexity, and Analytics" by Cerqueti, R.; Provenzano, D.

"Beliefs, risk_and_uncertainty_in_economics" by Petturiti, D.; Vantaggi, B.

"Integrated methodological approaches for decisional problems" by Barbati, M.; Fattoruso, G.; Squillante, M.; Violi, A.

"Machine learning in actuarial science and finance" by Corsaro, S.; Marino, Z.; Scognamiglio, S.

"Recent developments in the statistical analysis" by Sottile, G.

"Energy Finance" by Falbo, P.; Pelizzari, C.; Vargiolu, T.

"Nonlinear Dynamical Models in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences" by Merlone, U.; Michetti, E.

"Innovations in Finance and Insurance" by Oliva, I.; Rroji, E.; Gambaro, A.M.

"Stochastic and numerical methods in Finance and Insurance" by Bignozzi, V.; Di Francesco, M.

"Investigating Crypto markets" by FigĂ -Talamanca, G.; Marazzina, D.

"Recent advances in economics and finance" by Mastrogiacomo, E.; Vanni, F.; Hitaj, A.

"New challenges in insurance industry and pensions (1)" by D'Amato, V.

"New challenges in insurance industry and pensions (2)" by D'Amato, V.

"MFG and applications" by Ghilli, D.; Leocata, M.

The organization of special sessions is encouraged to provide a forum for focused discussions on new mathematical techniques or innovative applications of established approaches for the solution of economic and financial problems.

Please submit your proposals by May 16, 2022 by the conference email:


Proposals have to report the following information:

  • Title of the (possible) Special Session;

  • First attempt title, authors and abstract of each contribution to the session.

Special sessions have to include three or four presentations. Special sessions with a lower number of contributions can be accepted, provided that they could be integrated with other contributions on the same topic.

The organizers of accepted sessions are expected to attend and chair the session.

Authors of invited papers and abstracts have to respect submission rules and deadlines of regular contributions. The abstract should be written in English and prepared according to the new LaTeX template provided or in this format.

Authors will be limited to one presentation per registration.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following research and application areas:

  • Actuarial Mathematics

  • Decision Theory

  • Dynamic Models

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Game Theory

  • Mathematical Economics

  • Numerical methods

  • Optimization


May 16, 2022: special session proposals deadline

May 30, 2022: notification of special session acceptance

June 13, 2022 June 20, 2022: abstract submission deadline

June 27, 2022: abstract notification of acceptance;

July 4, 2022 July 11, 2022: early registration

July 18, 2022 July 25, 2022: late registration for the communication to be included in the Programme